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Short Code

It enables you to send hundreds or thousands or lacs of SMSes right from your computer to any mobile phone
Net Savant provides you with complete end-to-end solutions for 100% legal Bulk SMS Marketing in India.
It is a 5 digit number on which SMS can be sent by subscribers. Data received can be used to communicate with the customer.
Developers can integrate thier application with our easy-to-use APIs to build your own SMS services
Why SMS ?
The general availability of SMS - those 160-character messages exchanged on mobile phones - on everything from the most basic handsets to the most feature- rich smartphones make text messaging the lowest common denominator for information dissemination and for sending out mobile coupons and other incentives driving consumers to bricks-and-mortar retail stores.
Put simply the key benefit of SMS is the ubiquity of SMS - which nearly 100 percent of mobile phones can support - and the high likelihood of text messages being read soon after receipt at the lowest cost compared to other forms of advertising / communication.
Why us ?
There is no point in sending an SMS if it doesn�?� t get to the intended recipient or doesn�?�t get there in time! Compared to other service providers while keeping costs low the SMS gateways we use are high priority which means that your SMS messages will be delivered without any delay with a high (> 90%) delivery ratio. You can see detailed number-wise delivery reports. DND numbers will not be charged. Net Savant offers All India Bulk SMS plans with lowest cost
Advantages of Bulk SMS from Net Savant
  • Lowest Cost
  • No SetUp Cost for bulk SMS account. Pay only the per SMS cost. 1 year validity
  • Send thousands of SMS per minute
  • Connect using web -based system or desktop-based Bulk SMS Software.
  • Set your Brand Name as the Sender ID. For exaple: BIGBITE
  • Delivery Status Reports & Instant Delivery.
  • All India GSM + CDMA Coverage including BSNL and Reliance & Tata
  • Upload SMS/Contacts & Group SMS.
  • No Monthly Fixed Commitment. Multiple operator and backup routes
  • 2 way (Two-Way) SMS from all mobile networks in India for receiving incoming SMSs. Details of SMS Short Code Service
Complete Reporting Available:
  • View the list of mobile numbers from which the SMS has been sent
  • Filter the report by date range
  • Download the report in the form of a Microsoft Excel CSV file.
  • Print the report
Complete SMS Marketing Services with Response Collection (Short Codes)
Complete one stop solution for promoting your products and services over Digital media like SMS / Email.

What is SMS Short code

A shortcode is a special number that is much shorter than normal mobile numbers. This makes it easy to memorize. SMS Short code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedback from the customers. Short Code works with KeywordS . Keywords are unique words which are assigned to the short code number for e.g. if your company name is ABC Ltd and you took a keyword say ABC on our short code when your customers send an SMS from any mobile with message ABC and space they will get a automatic instant reply which is set by you. This response message can be set in the control panel provided to you. An example of a response message can be "Thank you for your interest in our services. Our executive will get back to you shortly".

Best-Practice Tips: Operating a Successful SMS Program

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